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120cm Professional DSLR Video Camera Slider and carry bag



120cm Professional Camera Slider with adjustable feet.

Sturdy and lightweight

Compound friction bearings

Adjustable dumping sytem

Load capacity 9kg (20lbs)

Weight of slider 3.4kg

1/4' screw under the slider to fit tripod or stand for elevated shots

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This Track Slider with Adjustable Feet is a sturdy, lightweight, and portable camera slider that lets you to add smooth, short-run tracking- and dolly-type shots to your video productions. It features an aluminum construction and precision-engineered rails that provide smooth and quiet travel across the entire length, supporting rigs up to 9kg. The slider comes with a pair of removable legs for ground or table-top mounting, with height-adjustable rubber feet. The legs attach via thumbscrews for tool-less assembly. Combined with an integrated bull's-eye bubble level, the slider is easy to level even on flat or slightly uneven surfaces.

Three 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded screw-holes are positioned along the bottom, letting you center-mount the slider on a single tripod, or mount it between two tripods for increased stability. The carriage has removable 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 screws for attaching a camera or fluid head, and is itself removable so that you can comfortably attach a camera or tripod head. A knob on the side of the carriage tightens to keep the carriage locked in place in-between shots.

Key Features
  • Ball bearing sliders allow much more fluid operation. especially for slower shots
  • 80cm lightweight camera slider for smooth left, right, forward, backward, and slanted slides
  • Supports rigs up to 9kg
  • 1/4" threads under the bottom of the rail  for tripod mounting
  • Removable sliding carriage with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 screws for attaching a camera or tripod head
  • Removable legs with rubber feet
  • Feet individually height-adjustable for use on lightly uneven surfaces
  • Integrated bull's-eye bubble level
  • 1/4' screw under the slider to fit tripod or stand for elevated shots

A slider with ball-bearings that lock on to the track has several benefits:

  • Flexible orientationThe slider will stay on the track in any position or angle you’ve set
  • Smooth — Bearings slide smoothly along the track with just a light touch, while polymer-based sliders can stutter, especially under heavier loads.
  • Quiet — Smooth bearings remain quiet when sliding slowly along the track.
  • Adjustable — Many bearing-based sliders have adjustable tension that allows you to dial in the perfect balance of control and smooth movement.