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Pro Photo Table 60cm x 130cm




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This professional Shooting Table  is ideal for shooting small and medium objects like jewellery, computer/electronic/mechanical components, craft, antique, toys, food products... The list is endless.  It is specifically intended to eliminate "under object" shadows and provide a "floating in air" effect. This studio table is ideal for web based imaging where objects are "floating" with a pure white background. Images taken with this equipment require substantially less time in computer editing and in many cases can be used "Raw".

The Table Top Studio provides a 60cm x 130cm shooting surface.

Perspex has non reflective surface for great floating products effects on pure white background and a glossy surface on the other side for more creative shots.

Product Features

  • Position lights above, below, and behind the shooting table, for dramatic, or high-key lighting with precise control.
  • Light and sturdy aluminium frame
  • Curved front provides a seamless foreground when using low camera angles.
  • Stabilizer bars hold Plexiglass flat.
  • Carrying bag
  • 2 light holders included for under table lighting