Octagonal Softbox


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Daylight1200 with 2.5m stand



Includes 4 x 55W Bulbs



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Fluorescent lights provide solutions for many applications including video, digital and analogue photography, stage, studio, TV, film, and medical imaging. Fluorescent fixtures offer the image-maker many benefits.

The lamp will be sent with 4 x 55W 5400K Fluorescent bulbs

80cm Octagonal softbox

Ideal for photography and video work

2 switches to control the power

Equals to 1200W brightness in tungsten/halogen  lighting

Fluorescent lighting is an economical way to light large sets while using a fraction of the power required by other lighting systems. The lamps are cool and provide a more comfortable environment for subjects that spend long periods under the lights. Because fluorescents burn much cooler than halogen and HMI, they are also safer to handle during a shoot and are less likely to cause burns if they accidentally come into contact with other objects.